Welcome to our December News Letter.  Topics are:
  • Dealing with Holiday Stress
  • Relax and Have Fun
  • Importance of Staying Hydrated
  • Move Your Body
  • Holiday Foods and our Complimentary Holiday Recipe Book
  • Vitamin D & ProBiotics Boost Immunity & Combat Stress
  • Transformational Health Coaching

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What is typically the biggest problem we have to deal with during the Holidays? INCREASED STRESS !!!

STRESS is the #1 immune system destroyer.

Why?   Well, the obvious…schedule changes, shopping, parties, less sleep, dietary changes, financial issues, family, traveling and we come in to contact with more people which exposes us to more bacteria and viruses than usual.

Relax and Have Fun!!!

Easier said than done right ?!

The Holidays can make us sooooo stressed out and even sometimes depressed because we stress out over everything. We allow ourselves to get so overwhelmed and worried about things that when you think about it in the long run probably do not matter so much.

Slow Down! Remember what this season is really about. Don’t let self imposed responsibilities and worrying about others concerns cause you to miss out on spending time with your family & friends. All this stress will bring You and Your immune system down . Laughter really is the best medicine!

  • Watch funny Holiday movies
  • Decorate the tree
  • Make treats with your kids.
  • Get YOU a massage or a special gift

Stay Hydrated!

Approximately 60% of our bodies are composed of water. Every system in our body depends on water. If you are not properly hydrated you are not going to feel well. Poor hydration weakens our immune systems, causes fatigue. It may also cause memory problems and difficulty focusing.

Take the time to stop & drink a glass of water. Also, start your morning off by drinking a glass of water.

We tend to drink more sodas, punches, sugary drinks and alcohol during the Holidays. These do not hydrate the body very well. Coffees and Caffeinated Beverages can even have a diuretic effect.

We recommend you consume about 1/2 of your body weight in ounces of water daily. Ex:  If you weigh 150 lbs drink about 75 oz.

Move Your Body!!!

During the Holidays we get so busy we sacrifice our exercise time to do other things (if we were exercising at all before the Holidays). With shopping, cooking, cleaning, traveling and running around it feels like we do not have time to exercise but think about this. What happens when we are already eating more during the Holidays and in addition, not exercising, we gain weight, have fluid retention, bloating and we do not fit in to our New Years outfit.

We all know the pitfalls of the season we come in to when it comes to exercise so instead of skipping it, try to make it fun and involve your family and friends. You can get some walking in by going shopping at an outdoor area like Old Town Spring, Trader’s Village or the outdoor shopping pavilions around town. Take the kids and go ice skating. Do a charity walk or run. At the very least, start off every morning with 5 minutes of some physical activity that you can do every day. Getting your blood circulating will get more oxygen to your brain and put you in a good mood before tackling your day. You should really try to get at least 20-30 minutes 2-3 times a week of exercise and activity in if you can. Your health & your waistline will thank you.


With the Holiday Season in full effect, you are going to be bombarded with food everywhere you go for the next month. This is the time when we all consume foods and goodies we normally do not eat. Are you wondering how to avoid the excessive starches, sugars and fats? Well, don’t avoid them, just try to put some limits on how much you consume. We have some healthy alternative recipes on our website you can try.

Holiday Recipes

Click Here to Download our Complimentary Holiday Recipe Book

With the Holidays approaching you might be wondering how to avoid the excessive starches, sugars, fats and calories we all consume on this day. We have put together some recipes for healthier choices of some of your favorite traditional Holiday meals.

Vitamin D & ProBiotics Combat Stress & Boost Immunity

Here are two main supplements that Dr. Schroeder thinks are very important to include in your daily regimen but I feel they are especially important during the Holidays!

  • ProBiotics: We need to remember that 70%-80% of our immune system comes from the gut. So, if we do not have a healthy gastro-intestinal system then we will not have a healthy immune system. The bacteria flora that lives in our gut become compromised when we are under stress, have a poor diet or when we have to take antibiotics. Probiotics simply put, replace the good bacteria that are supposed to be in our gut. It is so important to replenish the good bacteria because they are our “GI Military System” that help keep us healthy and safe!
  • Vitamin D: Over the past few years we have realized that a good amount of the population are Vitamin D deficient. Why is this a concern? Because Vitamin D plays a big role in our health and mood. We have known for years that it is important for healthy bones, but it is also extremely important in maintaining a healthy immune system, for increasing energy and can boost your mood. There even some studies that show we can decrease cancer risk by 10%-40% by having optimal Vitamin D in our system. If you want to add Vitamin D, it needs to be Vitamin D3 between 100 to 5000 IU’s per day. Anything higher than that would need to be monitored by a physician
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Sally Kerr, LVN, LMT, EP-C, CL

Transformational Health Coaching

Sally is our certified health coach whose passion is working with our guests to help them with their nutrition and wellness goals. Sally joined the KSIHW medical team in 2016 and serves our guests as a nurse, nutritionist, fitness and health coach. Be on the lookout for some amazing packages later this month with Sally to Feel Fantastic No Matter What Your Age!


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